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BY BYRDIE - This Topical Ingredient Claims to Be Similar to Botox—But Is It?

by Private Doctor Beauty |

The product that inspired our research of sodium deoxycholate, this serum hasn't been around long, but it already has a rapidly growing following. Although more research is needed to support the topical benefits of sodium deoxycholate, this formula has tons of other powerful ingredients, like niacinamide, allantoin, and panthenol. It also relies on hyaluronic acid in eight different molecular weights to ensure penetration at different layers of the skin for the ultimate plumping effect.

Private Doctor Define Minus Serum $49

Another K-beauty favorite, this formula also uses spicules (thin needles from a hydrolyzed sponge) to deliver a sodium deoxycholate complex deep within the dermis to, theoretically, increase effectiveness.