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BY FORBES - The Newest Way To Sculpt Your Face -- Without Needles

by Private Doctor Beauty |

Who doesn’t want a more sculpted face? We’re guessing you just raised your hand—but what are you willing to do to get one? “In my 16 years as a board-certified plastic surgeon, I found that 90 out of 100 prospective patients did not commit to surgery due to the fear of the procedure, cost, time, and the critique from people in their lives,” says Sang Hoon Park, M.D., Ph.D., board certified plastic surgeon. “I was thinking: How can people explore changing the face dimensions and reach their goals without any surgery? I decided to formulate a cosmetic line that utilized ID Hospital’s advanced technologies to create Private Doctor.”

Private Doctor Minus Serum, $49,

is a new K-Beauty line developed by Dr. Park, Korea’s leading plastic surgeon and the founder of ID Plastic Surgery Hospital, where appointments are booked years in advance and run thousands of dollars. Now women stateside can see similar results at home for a fraction of the price. Private Doctor’s first product is the Minus Serum, which is ushering in a new wave of skincare. With continued use, it will actually contour your skin—forget the makeup kits! “We developed a breakthrough formula at ID Hospital with the formulation of the Minus Serum,” Dr. Park says. “With Minus Serum, we created the first anti-aging product formulated with sodium deoxycholate to treat not only the texture of the skin, but to also create a fit face dimensionally. While other cosmetic brands focus on skin texture, Private Doctor also focuses on helping transform the facial shape.”

Inspired by ID Hospital's in-office treatments, Minus Serum targets sagging skin, wrinkles, and areas that lack elasticity, including the neck and décolleté. The formula’s secret ingredient is ID.SCULPT Technology, a blend of Micro-Tingling Spicules and a patented Sodium Deoxycholate Complex that work together to help define and firm the appearance of skin over time, working to contour the face. “Micro-Tingling Spicule is a fresh water sponge which is dried then refined through an ultrasonic process, and purified water is added to remove impurities,” Dr. Park explains. “Spicule stimulates the fibroblasts of the dermis by stimulating the regeneration of the skin by very thin needles and filling the pores with active ingredients to help reach the skin deep into the dermis, which other topical products cannot do. The effective ingredients must be absorbed up to the layer of the rhizoid to maximize their effectiveness. Sodium Deoxycholate complex was researched for its proprietary functions and aid in removing underlying fat and cellulite while producing collagen in its absence. Sodium Deoxycholate is also the same active ingredient found in Kybella, which is approved by the US FDA for its removal of a double chin.”


Private Doctor is the first clinical brand to use sodium deoxycholate, the active ingredient in Kybella, in a topical anti-aging formula, and Minus Serum can actually help prolong in-office procedures. “It can be a substitute for Botox or Kybella, but not fillers or injectables,” Dr. Park says. “Fillers have a plumping effect while Minus Serum has a firming and tightening effect. Minus Serum was inspired by surgical procedures like liposuction or Kybella injection, but it was actually developed for people who do not have the luxury of time nor favor invasive procedures.”

Minus Serum is part of the growth of dermacosmetics, which is expected to be a major trend for 2019. “Dermacosmetics has improved the meaning of cosmetics in two ways,” Dr. Park says. “First, we can choose different types of cosmetics according to our skin type. If we have oily or dry skin, we have different product choices even though they have the same effect to the skin. Second, most women think their skin is too sensitive or too allergic, but dermacosmetics has ingredients to improve or treat those problems. Doctor’s solution!”

Other brands are jumping on the dermacosmetics trend, like Dr. Brandt’s Needles No More collection. The latest addition, the Neck Sculpting Cream, is designed to be another alternative to Kybella. When massaged into skin with the accompanying Gua Sha rose quartz tool to boost circulation and lift, the cream leaves the neck and jaw area looking more toned, sculpted and smooth and feeling firmer, all while also battling tech neck. Smoother, sculpted skin—sans needles—is the solution you’ve been waiting for.