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Private Doctor Minus Serum

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This is the most amazing serum ever, and trust me, I own a beauty spa for years. It's amazing what it does to skin and the face contour. Another huge asset is how the company treats customers. They really make sure you are happy with your purchase(s). I wish all the companies I am ordering from were like that!

Beata Olivia, Verified

This is and has been my favorite serum EVER. Smell is awesome. Feels like a light honey consistency. Yes, it does tingle a bit-which I happen to like. I will buy this up until I can’t.

Aniki, Verified

Using this for a couple years now = more sculped and lifted face/cheeks. I've been using this for a couple years now. I think one of its ingredients is similar to an ingredient in mesotherapy that dissolves fat cells. With long-term use my face has become more chiseled, contoured, and sculpted-looking, so I'm assuming it's due to this serum.

E. Garratt, Verified

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